J.E. Tour

This was the first morning in months that I was able to get to all the stands. I had hoped to go shed hunting, but the remains from 3″ of heavy, pasty, snow made that almost futile.

I found yet another balloon. Why so many find their way here in such a remote place is beyond me.

I did see one set of fresh moose track heading for Buck Knob from #3 stand. No deer tracks anywhere! The biologist from Keene found 24 coyote-killed deer in 10 days. Northern New England may have lost as many as 25% of their deer herd this winter.

I took a few photos as I set up the camera on Buck Knob.

A Well-Camouflaged Camera at Buck Knob

A Well-Camouflaged Camera at Buck Knob

Dana's Buck Knob Blind

Dana’s Buck Knob Blind

Here is a photo of moose rubs while looking through the rungs of stand #3.

Moose Rubs

Moose Rubs

I counted 14 rubs within view of the stand. Tony found two sheds within view of that stand, and I found one a couple of years ago.



Good Morning

How can a man spend his morning getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, getting wet to his waist, and falling off a rock have a good morning?

Here’s how: I carried in two pieces of the tree stand that is going on Buck Knob.

In the process, the mosquitoes took advantage of the fact that I didn’t have a free hand, and I was rushing to beat the oncoming rain.

When I got there, I couldn’t make out the exact tree that I want to use, so I looked for a place to hide the ladder parts.

I saw this large log that would do the job. I walked over to it, started to put the parts down, and there looking at me was a moose shed!

A Shed Moose Antler

A Shed Moose Antler

It was heavy, but the tip and brow tine were chewed off.

I set the camera up in a slightly different spot in hopes of not spooking the buck.

I then headed for Tony’s lot to check the camera I put out there on the 9th.

There was a ton of fresh track, and the eight apples I put out were all gone.

Two big surprises.

First, I got several videos of an opossum.



I have never seen a possum in Washington.

The closest was a road kill in Antrim.

Second, and far more important, was a huge 8-pointer that was the reincarnation of my Kingsbury buck.

His antlers were still in velvet, but were perfectly shaped and balanced.

Because of the apples, I got a tremendous look at him. He was there three times in four days, BUT always at night between 10 and 1.

This is another wall-hanger.

8-Pointer on Tony's Lot

8-Pointer on Tony’s Lot

I can’t wait to start scouting him further and look for a stand site there.