WSI Update for February 2019

WSI Update for February 2019

As I explained in previous blogs tagged “WSI,” such as “WSI Report for January 2018,” a Winter Severity Index (WSI) day is any day that the snow is more than 18″ deep or the temperature is below zero. If both of those criteria are met in the same day, it is then a 2 WSI day.
This is where the snowfall is so far this season:
Nov. 43″
Dec.  3″ (on the 31st!)
Jan.  25″
Feb.  18″
Total so far: 89″
Last March: 43″
Last April: 7″
Average season total: approximately 120″ (10′).
Season total for the winter of 2004/2005: 136″
Season total for the winter of 2015/2016: 34″
That’s a 102″ difference.
Sub-zero days for season: 10 (9 in Jan., 1 in Feb.)
WSI days: 10, all due to temperature, not snow depth, which is well below average and tolerable for deer.
Deer in Snow

Deer in Snow

Maximum snow depth: 16″ average on level ground (4 days) to date–2″ inches below the 18″ necessary to qualify for WSI. Some Midwestern states actually consider a winter of 50 WSI a mild winter!
If we don’t have a horrible March, like we did last year, this would be a far better than average winter for deer.
Deer Tracks in the Snow

Deer Tracks in the Snow

A similar March to last year we bring us up close to or slightly above average for the season.
What else does an old man have to contemplate while waiting for spring?