Why I Scout

You might remember this photo from a couple of years ago.
Kevin's Buck

Kevin’s Buck

You might also remember that Kevin had to chase off a bear that was trying to have this buck for breakfast.
Well, Kevin owns most of the land (350 acres) that I was on this morning. It abuts my friend Dave’s farm.
A few days before Kevin shot this buck, he very graciously gave me permission to hunt his land.
His family has been here for several generations, and they are our version of the Benoits. All of them, brothers and nephews, shoot bucks like that every year. One already has a deer on Morse’s list.
So I started out this morning with a big surprise. Kevin, who is a logger, had cut parts of the area that I usually hunt. That’s good for the deer, but it throws off my location recognition because everything looks so different. So this time my GPS really came in handy.
The good news is that despite the significant changes to their home range, the deer are still using the same trails almost exclusively. I saw more track–fresh track–and more droppings than I have seen in the last two months.
The higher I got on the hill, the more acorns and the more deer sign I saw. This place is one of those places that has me scratching my head at times. There are many young beech trees and very few mature trees. What few big beeches were there were either already stripped of there nuts or they did not produce well. I’m betting that it is the former. So the deer here are into the acorns and supplementing that with greens.
My remaining questions now are about bucks. Hopefully I’ll get some cameras there and start answering those questions.
It took five hours of beating the bush to learn almost everything in these few paragraphs. Hopefully it will all be worth the effort.