The Bobcat or Bobcats of WLA

I should have mentioned, if I didn’t, that last winter I got a few photos and videos of a bobcat, but they were not of a quality suitable for the blog.

Later this spring, Debbie saw a bobcat crossing our street, going from the lake to the woods side.

Then in June and July several of the neighbors, especially Heidi, told me of hearing strange screaming and other obviously animal vocal sounds. In one of those instances, Heidi heard them and a few minutes later heard the thud of feet hitting the deck where she was sitting, and she found herself face to face with a bobcat. She screamed and they both took off in opposite directions.

A few days later, I got several photos of a bobcat at J.E. Stand #2. Some were surprisingly late in the morning on two different occasions.

Bobcat Approaching Stand #2

Bobcat Approaching Stand #2

I sent them to Heidi, and she thought the coloration was different, very likely, so it is safe to say we have more than one in residence here.

One of the Bobcats of WLA

One of the Bobcats of WLA

They are some of the best photos I’ve ever gotten of a cat.




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