The Great Bird Feeder Massacre of 2014, Part 2

At 8:30 tonight Debbie noticed the motion detector light was on. She looked, and sure enough our big bruin was on the picnic table.

Bird Feeder Massacre

Bird Feeder Massacre

He was, as I expected, 250# to 300# and very distinctive because his muzzle was darker than most. I’ll check the videos from last fall but I would say it is likely the smaller of the two big ones we got on video.

He didn’t know what to make of all the lights, so he crossed the driveway and sat at first, looking at the back door. Then he laid down and barely moved for several minutes. I tried taking pictures of him, but he was out of flash range.

Finally he moved over to the compost pile, at which point I put my mega flashlight on him, and he moved off. He stopped on the other side of Dad’s boat and just stared.

Total time about a half hour.

I hope he found his way past the two cameras out back. I’ll check tomorrow. You can bet I’ll be packin’.

I’m glad we pulled the feeders.



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