First Day of Trout Fishing 2014

Tony and I made our way to Cape Cod on March 29th to finally get our trout season started. This is a trip that we often make weeks before this, but winter lingered a little longer this year, even on Cape Cod. They actually got several inches of snow this week, and there were patches showing all along our trip.

We arrived before the sun cleared the treetops, and saw a flat-as-glass pond before us. We knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long as rain was in the forecast.

The Pond Looked Like First

The Pond Looked Like Glass…at First

We had trouble locating the fish at first. The water temperature was about 42. Finally, after an hour or so, we figured that the trout were very shallow in the pond, which at its deepest is 62′. Most of them were in water between 5′ and 10′ deep. We also figured that as cold as it was, they were there for both food and temperature. We determined that they were most likely feeding on dragonfly nymphs and an occasional caddis nymph.

Caddis Nymph with Pine Needle Camo

Caddis Nymph with Pine Needle Camo

So we did our best to imitate the dragonfly with our secret weapon. It worked. Not that they were all over it, but they hit it with enough gusto to tell us that we were on the right track. The water was a few degrees cooler than usual, so we knew that they wouldn’t be very aggressive. By that I mean that they would not go far or fast to take our offerings. We needed to put it right on their noses, so to speak.

Once we put it all together, after more than an hour, we started to get some results. The first fish hit with a surprising amount of energy and took high into the air several times. It was Tony who hooked it, but because it was behind him, I had the better view. I said to him as it jumped that it was either a smallmouth or a rainbow. I said that because of the length and girth of the fish and the height of the jumps. After a few minutes, it was obvious that it was a nice fat rainbow–14″ and more than a pound. We took some photos and released it.

14-Inch Rainbow Trout

14-Inch Rainbow Trout

The next fish Tony caught a few minutes later was an even bigger brown–15½”.

15.5-Inch Brown Trout

15.5-Inch Brown Trout

In all, Tony caught four nice trout, and I caught one rainbow.

13.5-Inch Rainbow Trout

13.5-Inch Rainbow Trout

Not the best or worst first day we ever had, but very much appreciated.

Like the loons that swam near us, still in their winter plumage, and the hungry osprey overhead, we were all just loving life this spring morning.

Osprey Fishing Overhead

Osprey Fishing Overhead



2 thoughts on “First Day of Trout Fishing 2014

  1. Those are some nice looking fish, nothing wrong with those to start the year! The official opening of trout season here was on Tuesday, but with the way the weather has been the streams are very high right now. I would guess very few fish are being caught especially with no stocking being done yet, due to the stream conditions.

    • Trevor,
      Tuesday was opening day in the Salmon and Lake Trout lakes.
      There was virtually no open water.
      Tony and I usually make the Cape Cod trip a week or two earlier but the ice just went out there
      a week or so ago.
      Hopefully the sugaring has improved too?

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