The Great Bird Feeder Massacre of 2014

Debbie awoke this morning to what looked like a war zone. As she poured her morning tea she peered out the kitchen window to see the big fly through feeder hanging by a thread.

Fly-Through Bird Feeder

Fly-Through Bird Feeder

She knew right away what happened. All of the other six feeders were trashed to smithereens or gone.

Bird Feeder Massacre

Bird Feeder Massacre

I know what happened too. The NSA intercepted the email that Fish and Game sent me this week that instructed me to bring in my feeders by April 1st. They then forwarded that info to all sleeping bears to give them a heads up. The bears knew that they had only a few days left to gorge themselves before their high protein food source would be gone for the season. Either that or they now have evolved to read…calendars at least.

This was a very substantial bear. Tall and strong with a good sized track and stride. He circled the house, investigating everything, and polished off the seed by unearthing the compost pile. If I got lucky I got him on the camera out back. That’s where he came from and returned to.

The birds are going to be hungry for a while. I don’t want this guy hanging around the house.

Back in 2010, we caught this much smaller bear at our feeders. Click the picture to watch the video that we took.

2010 Bear at Bird Feeder Video



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