The winter severity index (WSI) days are over. Today the deepest snow was 22” and I averaged the rest at 14”. It’s been a long stretch. All we can do is hope that the deer had enough fat reserves and or they moved to lower ground.

Yesterday and today I went to Hanover and Claremont. The low lands had much less snow, under a foot in most places, with bare spots on the southern slopes.

My experiment with the cameras, putting them one on top of the other, proved worthwhile. It became obvious that the Bushnell took better quality videos, photos, and sound.

The usual suspects showed up–mostly the gray fox and the coyote.

Coyote Walking On Top of the Snow

Coyote Walking On Top of the Snow

The Moultree however, had a much longer and much wider range. So I’ll put the Moultree in open expanses and the Bushnell in tighter spots or where we need to get a better look at a rack. I did move the Bushnell much closer to where the bobcat has been traveling.

I’d love to get a good photo of him. I set it to photo.



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