Mid-Winter Update

In an effort to better serve our “sports” (the Maine name for “clients”), Tony and I (mostly Tony) dragged the 8’ Jon boat into a remote trout pond on Sunday.
It was a half mile mostly uphill drag over several inches of snow. Almost perfect conditions to do so.
We have fished it a few times with float tubes, mostly in the fall. It’s a very pretty and productive pond of about 16 acres.
This was something we had long talked about doing and now with the boat there and chained to a tree, we will fish it more often.
Our Jon boat at the remote pond

Our Jon boat at the remote pond

On Saturday at 10:45 am Tony and I saw a deer, too far to know the sex, in a snow-free western facing field.
We said almost simultaneously, that it looked not only healthy but even fat.
Today at 10:45 am I had 2 deer jump out in the road in front of me in Hillsboro. This time I got a great look at them as they crossed into a field,
in the bright sun and turned and looked at me. I could see plainly that both their rumps and shoulders were rounded,
indicating they had plenty of fat under their hides. Not a hair was out of place on this mother and daughter.
It would have made a great picture of them with the snow cover and stone walls in front and in back of them.
A couple of bounds with flags up and then a trot to and over the stonewall and they were gone.
I can honestly say I have never seen deer look that healthy in February before.
The deer are obviously moving freely right now. I think they are moving midday because they are using less energy then than they would be
during the coldest night time hours, when they can curl up and conserve heat and energy.
We are supposed to get a significant snowfall tonight and Sunday. Things could easily change for the worse but I’m optimistic that with a little luck,
the heard will come out of this winter in good shape.
Last year we had a WSI (Winter severity index ) of 32 for the season, far below the average. 17 of those days came in March.
Right now we are at 14 this season. If we don’t have another severe March or worse yet April, we, they should be in great shape.
Your success is our success!

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