Sometimes it is more important to be lucky than good! The problem with the camera has been on my mind since I set it up on 7/25. I got there and the light was on. So I knew I had battery power. Now the question was, “Is it working?”

So I pulled the whole thing (rather than just the SD card) in case I needed to deal with a problem.

The first video was taken yesterday. It was a nice doe at 6:30 AM looking very nervous. The next one was her spotted fawn stepping out directly in front of the camera. Both were very nervous focusing their stare towards Stand #1. The next video they are gone! There was all kinds of room and area to see them if they walked off, so I guessed they bolted.

Doe and Spotted Fawn

Doe and Spotted Fawn

An hour and a half later, out steps our big buck! His rack covered in velvet, VERY WIDE, he trots off towards Stand #3–where I guessed the other two went.

The next video, 5 minutes later, he is standing in the scrape sight. He starts thrashing his antlers in the overhanging evergreen that last year’s buck, and every other buck, uses as a licking branch.

Buck at Buck Knob Licking Branch

Buck at Buck Knob Licking Branch

He moved so much and so fast that I’m going to have to look closely to determine the number of points. He is at least an 8 and probably more. I guess this proves the need for a stand on Buck Knob.

Wow! Now that will get your juices flowing.

The rest of the trip observations were:

  • Lots of water, not even considering it was August, which gives us a bumper crop of mosquitos.
  • The biggest, if not the most, low bush blueberries I ever saw.
Low Bush Blueberries

Low Bush Blueberries

  • Consequently two steaming fresh piles of bear droppings.
  • Saw red efts, the juvenile eastern red-spotted newts, for the first time this year.
Red Eft Stage of Red-Spotted Newt

Red Eft Stage of Red-Spotted Newt


  • Blackberry crop looks good.
  • Still too early to get a good indication on the acorn and beechnut crop.



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